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WHO are we?

SDG4MED, Sustainable Development Goal for the Mediterranean, is a no profit association aiming at acting as an «observatory of sustainable development objectives (SGDs) for the Mediterranean» It was established on July 22nd 2020 as a shared effort by Madrid based Fundación Philippe Cousteau and by Italian highly skilled team.

WHAT are we aiming at?

The mission of the Observatory is to involve Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Small Municipalities in achieving the United Nations’ AGENDA 2030: SMEs account for 99% of the enterprises in the area and for more than 50% of the GDP, however their potential is still significantly underdeveloped. By promoting an alliance between local governments and SMEs we will help unlocking a huge potential as thousands of small organizations acting together will be at least as effective on SDGs as large organizations. Our vision is to promote social and economic sustainable development without threatening biodiversity, including the potential designation of the Mediterranean as an Emission Control Area, as far as shipping is concerned. 


The Mediterranean basin, including North East Spain and Portugal, and related ultraperipheral areas. 

WHEN will we be active?

The 2021-2024 SDG4MED multiannual plan was presented (link here) on 16th November 2020 during the BUSINESS2SEA, conference. The plan is running since 1st 2021 by promoting joint projects dealing with the multiple challenges that the Mediterranean Basin is facing.


The Mediterranean basin is vital for both the biodiversity and the geopolitical stability of the EU and the whole world. This is the reason UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG or Agenda 2030) are so important for the area: to bring peace and prosperity. The establishment of SDG4MED comes at an historically high economic crisis induced by the COVID19 pandemic whose effects will last for some years to come. Mediterranean Countries are less resilient to economic crisis than north Europe, Far East or US. This is the reason why we can, we should and we must act now: achieving Agenda 2030 in the Mediterranean will create the momentum our enterprises need to recover. 

HOW we work?

  • providing technical assistance to public bodies in the preparation and/or execution of EU projects and in contributing to EU related national strategies;
  • establishing and managing complex clusters and lobbying EU Institutions on their behalf;
  • organizing workshops, conferences and awareness raising campaigns;
  • develop studies, position papers and publications also in collaboration with   universities, research institutes, other foundations and institutions;
  • participating in working groups promoted by the European Commission. Currently SGD4MED is contributing to the WATERBORNE and ALICE EU Technology Platforms, the Horizon Europe PPPs on maritime and road transport and the LIFE4MEDECA preparatory project of the EU Commission;
  • feeding its social channel as well as that of LIFE4MEDECA and Fundación Philippe Cousteau.



Mario Dogliani, ph. +39 335 6327116; mario.dogliani@gmail.com

Fundación Philippe Cousteau, established in 1996, is headquartered in Madrid and has delegations in all the EU, South American and several other Countries. It aims at supporting the sustainability at sea through international cooperation aiming at the protection of the environment and of marine biodiversity, the promotion of maritime security and life safety at sea and the maintenance of high skill levels among the maritime workers.

Paseo Pintor Rosales 44, 6 Izda., 28008 Madrid – Spain

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