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We are pleased to introduce you a big supporter of LIFE4MEDECA, Prof. Rafael Lobeto Lobo, Professor of Maritime Law at the San Pablo-Ceu University in Madrid, former Director General Spain Ministry of Merchant Marine, Secretary General of the Philippe Cousteau Fundation “Union de los Oceanos” and holder of the Grand Cruz of Merito Naval and of the Cruz Official de la Orden de Merito Civil.

SDG4MED: Rafael in your remarkable professional career you spent more than 50 years dealing with the sea, and you are still doing this, promoting the “Union of the Oceans” and helping LIFE4MEDECA.

R. LOBETO: My guiding principle in all these years has been “wealth through sustainability” no better words to describe what MEDECA will lead to.

SDG4MED: Recently decided, the 28 of November of each year will be “The day of the Mediterranean”. Why is it important?

R. LOBETO: We entered a new world which unfortunately is a scaring one: for instance, the MED is warming 20% quicker than the average. Apparently, we need to remind everybody that the Mediterranean is not only our past, it is our future!

SDG4MED: Will a MEDECA help?

R. LOBETO: It will be a first, relatively small, step but an immense leap forward for the whole basin and for the world, the green world most of us are dreaming of and which next generations deserve to inherit from us.

SDG4MED: A final message?

R. LOBETO: Using Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”, I would say “I HAVE A PLAN: LIFE4MEDECA