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We are pleased to introduce you Dr. Giuseppe Castiglione, Secretary General of SDG4MED, formerly President of the Catania Province, Vice President of the Sicilia Region, Member of the EU Parliament (AGRI Committee), Member of the Italian Parliament and Italian Under Secretary of State for Agriculture and Fisheries.

LIFE4MEDECA: Giuseppe, in a long governmental carrier you supervised complex masterplans and huge EU policy projects (Giuseppe was the rapporteur for the Common Agriculture Policy at the EU Parliament), why are you so passionate with LIFE4MEDECA which you and SDG4MED are among the biggest supporter of?     

G. CASTIGLIONE: First and foremost, the Mediterranean is our life and our roots; it was our past, it is our present and will be the future for our next generations only if we act now. 

LIFE4MEDECA: You said “first”…are there other reasons?

G. CASTIGLIONE: Preserving the Mediterranean will bring prosperity and peace. As it often happens, good environmental practice is also a fast track to prosperity: a WIN-WIN situation.

LIFE4MEDECA: Establishing a MEDECA is not an easy task: a combination of diplomacy, innovation and technology. What is, in your opinion, the most important aspect LIFE4MEDECA should pay attention to?

G. CASTIGLIONE: Cooperation and mutual trust. We need to fully understand the economic impact of MEDECA (and later on of the GREEN DEAL) on each stakeholder, involve them and find compensations for those who are most affected. This is neither a competition nor the gold rush, this is our life.

LIFE4MEDECA: in one sentence?

G. CASTIGLIONE: No single winner: we will succeed only if we stay together.